17+ Cheese Dips for Any Party (Best Queso & Cheese Dip Recipes)

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Cheese Dips and Queso Dips are the star of every party! Whether you’re cheering on your favorite team on game day, preparing for an awesome Cinco de Mayo, or just gathering dips for you and a few friends, these recipes are exactly what you need.

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Queso & Cheese Dips 

Nothing says “PARTY” like a good cheese dip…at least, that’s my definition of a party. I want all of the cheesy dips and queso recipes on the table! It’s the first thing I eat at parties, and it’s the first thing I make when I’m hosting or bringing an appetizer to a get together (wings are my second go-to).

With the Super Bowl on the way, I’m gathering up all my best appetizer recipes, and cheese dips are at the top of my list! But these recipes are perfect for any party or occasion when you need a delicious dip on the table (like Cinco de Mayo or Taco Night).

Get ready for any party with these delicious queso cheese dip recipes!

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Are queso and cheese dip the same thing?

I don’t make the rules, but here’s what makes them different in my opinion:

  • Queso is more of a smooth melted cheese dip that tends to have things like peppers, salsa, and spicier elements mixed in (like what you find at Mexican restaurants).
  • While cheese dip can be any number of dips with a cheesy element.
  • I would call queso a cheese dip, but I wouldn’t call every cheese dip queso. 

However, I’ll sort of be using the terms interchangeably in this post, since I’m sharing both types of recipes (and we’re all just here for cheese, right?).

What type of cheese should I use for queso?

If we’re going for the traditional queso dip you find at Mexican restaurants, you should use queso blanco/”white cheese”.

But if we’re being more generous with the term (any melted cheese dip), you can use any type you prefer. 

Is queso keto? Gluten free?

  • Keto: Cheese is low on carbs and high on fat, which makes it good for the keto diet. Most queso dips typically fit the bill, so go ahead and indulge!
  • Gluten-Free: For the most part, simple queso dips are gluten-free. If you are making your own, check for flour in the recipe. Cornstarch is a good alternative to flour to thicken the dip.

What’s good with cheese dip?

I absolutely love serving tortilla chips with any and all cheese dips. Chips and queso is just a classic combo that can’t be beat. Sometimes I even make my own baked tortilla chips to kick things up a notch, or make these tasty wonton chips.

If you need other snacks and apps to serve with the dip, check out my fave appetizers here.

How long will homemade cheese dip last in the refrigerator?

Most will keep about 4 days in the refrigerator, but it depends on the full ingredients list. Be sure to store dips in airtight containers to keep them fresh.

How do you keep queso warm?

The best way to keep queso warm during a party is to keep it and serve it out of a slow cooker. Place it in the cooker and set it to the WARM setting.

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How to Make Cheese Dip

Here are some tips to help you make the best cheese dips/queso!

How to Thicken Cheese Dip

The best way to thicken queso and cheese dip is to mix in a bit of cornstarch (you can also use flour). 

How to Store Cheese Dip

Like most cooked foods, cheese dips should be refrigerated within 2 hours, don’t leave them sitting out longer than that without a warmer or lid (like a slow cooker). 

  • To store, pour any leftover into airtight containers and refrigerate up to 4 days.
  • You can also store some dips in the freezer. Cream cheese based dips don’t hold up as well when frozen, but most of the recipes on this list should be fine in the freezer up to a couple of months.

How to Reheat Cheese Dip

The best method depends on the type of dip. 

  • If it’s a smooth queso dip, it’s easy to reheat it on the stove by just heating it over low-medium heat and stirring regularly until fully heated through.
  • If it’s a chunkier cheese dip with lots of ingredients, sometimes it’s better to place it in a baking dish and reheat in the oven.
  • If the dip was originally made in the slow cooker, I find the best way to reheat it is to just put it back in the slow cooker and warm it up.
  • You can also reheat most dips in the microwave for a quicker approach. Just make sure to use a microwave-safe dish and something to cover it (cheese explosions are the worst). Reheat about 10 seconds at a time and stir until it’s fully heated through.

Best Cheese Dip & Queso Recipes

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